Cincinnati is a city of great wealth and great poverty. It is home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, yet has the third-highest child poverty rate in the country. Cincinnati residents struggle amidst severe racial segregation and barriers to economic mobility. 

We at the OOC believe prosperity is the birthright of everyone in our communities. We passed Ohio’s first ban-the-box policy in Cincinnati to eliminate questions concerning applicants’ criminal records on job applications and worked with private sector employers to hire more people who are formerly incarcerated. We led a campaign for universal preschool that now enables three and four year olds in the city to access quality preschool through Preschool Promise. 

We continue to organize for bail reform and for equity inside of Preschool Promise so that all educators, including home-based providers, have access to Preschool Promise and a living wage. In doing so, we remove barriers and pave our own path to success for our people.