Formed in 2007, the Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC) builds transformative relational power with everyday Ohioans for statewide social, racial, and economic justice.

We exist so people who struggle to survive on low wages in communities that lack real access to opportunity have a place to build and wield power. We exist to push back against the misuse of power by leaders unfit to win a better future for everyday people in our state. Together we stand for our values, for our families, and against empire.

A coalition of 20 organizations—including community organizations, faith-based institutions, labor unions, and policy groups—we take innovative approaches to addressing: 

  • Criminal Justice Reform and Police Accountability;

  • Bail Reform;

  • School-to-Prison Pipeline;

  • Harm Reduction;

  • Student Debt;

  • Environmental Justice; and more. 

These innovative approaches include a diverse portfolio of issue organizing, non-partisan electoral programming, leadership training, and movement building work. We employ a broad range of techniques in these efforts, including faith-based, worker-led, neighborhood-based, student-led, and constituency organizing models. And we knit together leadership and alliances across rural, suburban, and urban regions.

We are an organization that was made for people like you, by people like you. Take part: Donate to our work, explore current campaigns, read comprehensive resources, and discover other ways to get involved.

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