Environmental Justice

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For too long, Ohio has failed the health and wellness of families and workers by protecting polluters and energy conglomerates. Residents of small towns along the Ohio River Valley suffer from industrial toxins left behind from incinerators, metallurgical warehouses, and chemical manufacturing. Manganese is in the air we breathe. Mercury is in our water. The fracking industry is ruining family farms. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is overextended and enforces little accountability. The cost of fines for polluting poor communities barely make a dent in profits made. But we are putting up a fight.

Our Work

OOC leaders in frontline communities across Ohio are challenging the energy lobbyists and legislators who profit at the expense of children and families.

The OOC organizes local residents in eight counties where manganese and other industrial toxins have had a devastating impact on children’s health. We fight for reinvestment in long-neglected neighborhoods and for the jobs created by new energy sources, mitigation, retrofitting, and other green technologies to go to their residents. Targeted reinvestment will uplift the economic quality of life while strengthening communities and promoting climate justice.

Greater monitoring means greater corporate accountability, however more is necessary to ensure the health and sustainability of our communities. In the face of climate change, Ohio needs a strong state and federal EPA to enforce corporate accountability and build a vision for a clean energy future that invests in a green economy for us all.


  • Beginning in 2017, OOC leaders have won critical consent decrees against polluters, leading to greater monitoring and fines. 

  • In 2019, OOC organizers in East Liverpool built a team of 50 community members to conduct citizen science experiments in their community to develop a soil-testing tool that will allow residents of the area to test for manganese and other pollutants.